Meet Dr. Kirk

About Dr. Kirk

Dr. Clint Kirk is a native Oklahoman with over 20 years of experience in Adult reconstructive surgery. With the help of the MAKO robot, Dr. Kirk averages 500 surgical procedures per year, with the majority of these procedures being knee, hip, and shoulder replacements.

Dr. Kirk received his undergraduate degree from the University of Oklahoma in 1989. From there, he completed a traditional internship at Tri-City Hospital in Dallas, Texas. He was awarded “Intern of the Year”. He completed his residency in Orthopedic Surgery at Dallas/Ft. Worth Medical Center. During residency, he was accepted by world-renowned joint replacement surgeon, Richard E. Jones. Jones is still very well recognized among joint replacement surgeons around the world. With Dr. Jones as his mentor, Dr. Kirk acquired knowledge from all aspects of orthopedic surgery including patient management, joint replacement surgery, and original research publication.

Dr. Kirk published a paper for Dr. Jones and Johnson and Johnson highlighting “Rotating Platform Knee Replacement Trials.”

Dr. Kirk gives credit to his residency and fellowship program for playing a key role in the quality and efficiency he currently has at Comanche County Memorial Hospital. Because of the experience and knowledge gained through his career, he and his team perform up to 8 joint replacements in a day.

Life After Residency

After his residency, Dr. Kirk fulfilled a scholarship repayment program obligation at the Carl Albert Indian Hospital and Ada, Oklahoma. From there, to finish off his repayment program, he went on to work for Eastern Oklahoma Medical Center. He was then recruited to Muskogee Bone and Joint, where he held the position of Surgical Department Chairman.

In 2009, Comanche County Memorial Hospital recruited Dr. Kirk to begin a joint replacement program. Dr. Kirk is the highest volume joint replacement surgeon in Southwest Ok. As of 2016, he is the only surgeon south of Oklahoma City who is authorized to use the MAKO robot in surgery.

Dr. Kirk resides in Ft. Worth, Texas with his wife Tiffany, and his son Jett. He is an aviation enthusiast who pilots his plane to and from his practice in Lawton, OK. He enjoys fabrication and prototyping and owns several of his trademarks. He practices his Christian faith and attends church services at the Gateway Church in Ft. Worth with his family.

The Mako Robot

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