MakoMako Robotic Assisted Knee Replacement

The Mako™ system enables surgeons to personalize partial knee and total hip arthroplasties to achieve optimal results at a level of accuracy and reproducibility previously unattainable with conventional instrumentation. The Mako™ system features a patient-specific visualization system and proprietary tactile robotic arm technology that is integrated with intelligent surgical instruments. It assists surgeons in pre-planning and in treating each patient uniquely and with consistently reproducible procedure.
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Anterior Approach Total Hip Replacement

This is a muscle sparring approach to hip replacement. A mini-incision is made in front of the hip instead of the back of the hip. There is usually less pain and bleeding due to the fact that muscles are not incised, the procedure is accomplished through a natural interval in the supporting muscles. This procedure requires a special operating room table which is available at CCMH.
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Arthroscopic Surgery

  • Diagnostic scopes for evaluation of best joint implantation be it partial or total.
  • Meniscal repair or excision
  • ACL reconstruction
  • Chondroplasty
  • Microfracture surgery
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Knee & Hip Pain

600,000 Total Knee Replacements are done every year. About 300,000 total hip replacements are done yearly. There are many conservative remedies available in our clinic to patients that are not typically available by over the counter methods.
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Total Knee Replacement

The total knee replacement procedure replaces or resurfaces all three knee compartments. Your knee is not cut out and something implanted to take its place – rather small sections of your diseased bone is removed and covered with a cap that is either cemented or press fit (in certain instances) into place.  
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Dr. Clint Kirk

Meet Dr. Clint Kirk

Dr. Kirk is a native Oklahoman with over 20 years’ experience in Adult Reconstructive surgery. Dr. Kirk averages 500 surgical procedures per year with the majority of these 10,000 plus surgeries being knee, hip and shoulder replacements.