Deborah Connely

Lawton, OK

After a full career in teaching, Deborah struggled with joint pain after long periods of sitting. It kept her from participating in family activities or walking for short distances. She saw Dr. Kirk for knee surgery and was finally able to walk without assistance and was back enjoying everyday activities with friends and family.

Larry Benson

Lawton, OK

Larry has always lived an active lifestyle and enjoyed activities that involved movement and exercise until he developed rheumatoid arthritis. He could no longer do what he loved the most. That was until he visited Dr. Kirk and took the steps toward orthopedic surgery.

Ruby Kenyon

Lawton, OK

The simple acts of standing or going up stairs were a challenge. She was born with a condition that worsened throughout her life to the point that it was affecting her daily activities. Dr. Kirk’s procedure changed her life in a way that now allows her to do what she enjoys.