Direct Anterior Approach Total Hip Replacement


This is a muscle sparring approach to hip replacement. A mini-incision is made in front of the hip instead of the back of the hip. There is usually less pain and bleeding due to the fact that muscles are not incised, the procedure is accomplished through a natural interval in the supporting muscles. This procedure requires a special operating room table which is available at CCMH. The initial rehab is generally faster and this is a more stable approach than a non-MAKO posterior (behind the hip) approach. However, the MAKO assisted posterior approach is equally as stable.

Indications: moderate to severe hip arthritis without significant limb length issues and patients with a BMI in the mid-30s or less.

Some patients experience femoral nerve distribution numbness (numbness to the outside of the thigh) which lasts for a variable amount of time however it can be permanent.